Our Sleds Ready to go down

Sled Ride in Pennsylvania

The winter is well over here in Pennsylvania. The hangover of the snow, yet, still lingers in me. The excitement of having felt the snowflakes coming down from heaven was unforgettable. Just outside of our apartment is a hill sloping sharply. The view overlooks the Lehigh Valley. So when the strong storm pummeled this state […]

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The building of Philadelphia Museum of Art

A Round Trip to Philadelphia

We happened to see Philadelphia for just a short trip. During our back and forth ride, we finally caught a glimpse of this historical city. We were even told that Philadelphia is like New York city without the traffic. So getting around there I supposed is not that hard as it can get. We did […]

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A street in Emmaus

Our Little Tour After the Snow in Emmaus

We went out this morning. The snow last night was not too much. Besides, the driveway was clear and safe. It was such an exciting idea to see what’s out there after the hard snow. We needed to go out anyway, since we wanted to get our stuff. The main highway was already clear. A […]

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Daylight photo of Lehigh Valley

First Impression of Emmaus, Pennsylvania

Emmaus is a quiet place. So much land and big trees span the horizon. Nothing fancy or pretentiousness. We felt home at once. If you’re in tune with rural life, I’m pretty sure you’ll also love the vibe of Emmaus. Life is easy with no horning of vehicles or buzzing of human sound. The wind […]

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Snowman holding beers

Making My Snowball and Our First Snowman

The temperature here in Emmaus really got too low this morning. I saw it on tv at 5 degrees Fahrenheit around 6 am. The drop took so fast. I woke up past 5 am and the snow flakes came down easily. Soon enough, the snow just kept building up. I went outside and took some […]

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Vinyl Record Player

The Stoop Sale in Brooklyn, New York

Have you ever been to a Stoop Sale? When we saw this sale ongoing in a lot one afternoon, we were kind of intrigued what it was all about. Out of curiosity once again, we stopped at the next bus stop. We could see the bursting activity inside a fenced area. Indeed, as we went […]

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Walking on the bridge

Crossing the Stately Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

As newcomers in New York City, we often look for places that are prominent in the neighborhood. We’d love to see the famous sites we could only dream of in the past. There is always an excitement in us each time we’ll go out and search for a destination. Isn’t that the reason why we […]

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