The Town of Clinton, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

On our way to the town of Clinton, we again came across the wide expanses of farmlands. As we traveled down the road, everything was perfectly calm. I slowly breathed in, delighted to see such a quiet, nice place.

The sprouts of corn crops planted on these fields already emerged. They created a fine green carpet on the ground that was so refreshing to the eyes.

Besides the gorgeous warm day, the view of exquisite manor houses in the middle of the verdant fields really put us on hold. They unfurled one after the other like those of the frames in a big roll of a film.

Yes, when you’re on the road, witnessing these sights can usher you to your seat in a theater, watching a movie, a large box of popcorn at the side.

Ranch House

It was truly a delight to see these mansions and there were many of them in the vast fields. As we rolled on, we even saw large ranch houses in the farms. One thing we realized while drifting around New Jersey was the land area of this state was so huge. In fact, when we went to the malls like Costco, Target and Best Buy, the parking lots are so wide. USA, generally, has big land areas and so living far off the city demands one’s own transportation.

Restaurant And Shophouse

Marc continued to show us the interesting places here in New Jersey. He knows every nook and cranny of this state. So we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

Stopping at Traffic Light

When we entered Clinton, we saw more people and cars on the streets than those in Milford. Obviously, the Town of Clinton is bigger than the Borough of Milford. We found newer and bigger business establishments as we drove on to the main street.

A Girlish Ice Cream Parlor

Before, I was not aware that there are five types of municipalities here in New Jersey. Only later on I found out, the places here are not all composed of towns. When we visited the Borough of Milford, I thought it was a town. But as we went on to see other neighborhoods, I read Town, Township and Village signage on the road.

Shops in Clinton

In Clinton, my wife and I had our firsthand experience of what a town of a state looks like. There are many different shops and stores, most of them newly-painted, some with bright colors. The streets are clean and quiet.

We alighted to see the business district on foot. In one store, we found a collection of various guitars. Marc who likes guitar tried a Blueridge acoustic that sounded good with his strumming. He engaged the good owner of the store and exchanged details about guitars.

Pru Thai Restaurant

In this town of Clinton, we didn’t expect to see an Asian shop, more so this Thai restaurant. It only means many residents here also enjoy Asian food like those of Thailand’s. The name of the restaurant is Pru Thai, found right across the Municipal Building of Clinton.

Town of Clinton Municipal Building

Municipal Building of Clinton Town

Although already a town, the streets of Clinton are not yet congested. We didn’t encounter any traffic that can cause noisy atmosphere. Cars moved easily and parked along the streets. People would also come and go, taking it easy as if just in a park. So, when we walked outside, I didn’t feel any unnecessary rush in the whole area. The place is calm, stress-free, authentic and modern.

More Shopping Buildings and Offices

Another town of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA, Clinton sits right next to South Branch of the Raritan River. At the street bridge, the notable Red Mill of Clinton is found on the bank.

Red Mill Beside South Mouth of Raritan River

Red Mill Along Raritan River

Opposite the Red Mill is the Hunterdon Art Museum housed inside the Stone Mill, a former grain mill in the 19th century. We didn’t go inside and see what the things are in this home of Contemporary Craft and Design.

Hunterdon Art Museum Opposite the Red Mill

Hunterdon Art Museum

We let ourselves explore the street we could find next. More fabulous buildings, houses, offices and businesses are built finely all around. Indeed, our stroll in Clinton was once more a wonderful experience.

The Town of Clinton like no other else is unique in its own self. The environment is easy, refined and with friendly vibe.

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