Curious Minds at Singapore Science Center

Are you fascinated by the things around us? Do you, sometimes, find yourself trying to figure out how a thing can create a certain result?

Then today, let me pique your curious mind a little bit more. No, no, I’m not going to make a thesis out of these queries nor do I give a lecture tackling the mysteries surrounding us. That’s not my forte. Besides, this site is simply a compilation of stories about my wanderings and journeys.

We all have inquisitive minds. This notion is indelibly inked at the scientists’ corner in Singapore Science Center. We went there to see in person the wonderful exhibitions. With an enormous collection of anything about Science, a day of visit will surely turn into a lasting experience full of fascination. How amazing it was to see how humans are able to leap up to the highest level of advancement through Science.

Your landing on this site is impossible without Science. This is truly a great creation. Internet provides us the facility to connect with one another even if we’re one or more continents apart. Isn’t that amazing? The reality is we’re now living in a planet with technology as part of our daily existence.

There are so many magnificent inventions, discoveries, innovations exhibited inside Singapore Science Center. The space on this blog, thus, is not enough to contain them. I can only show a few of these mind-boggling attractions.

Right at the entrance, we were greeted by three long queues of young, enthusiastic students. Guided by their teachers, they lined up waiting for each other’s turn to go inside. Prepare yourselves to see a bunch of these students prying on the things inside Singapore Science Center. They are, anyway, the most curious minds among the big crowd of visitors.

The Mind’s Eye was the first attraction that stopped us. Here, many examples of phenomenal occurrences that can deceive our eyes are showcased. To make the visit more interesting, anyone can try how they work. There are instructions on how to proceed and scientific explanations on why they happen.

Chatting Faces of the Talking Vase

Spin and see how they talk.

Do you see the two faces? When you spin this, they will start to chit chat.

You’ll have fun in the Mind’s Eye, unraveling and playing the puzzles posed on each tricky test of the Afterimage Illusion, Reversed Perspective Painting, Optical Illusion of Jules Verne Anamorphosis, Disappearing Candy, Moire Patterns, Flashing Image, Zoetrope, Stobe Effects, Reflections of Impossible Triangle, 3D Shapes, Twisted Impossible Triangle and many more.

Jules Verne Anamorphosis Optical Illusion

Jules Verne Anamorphosis

In the Atrium, enjoy more of the exciting, scientific objects such as the tireless Climbing Einstein, The Tornado, Jacob’s Ladder, etc. My first impression was “Where am I?”. Right after we went in, I felt like I was in another planet, lost somewhere in the distant galaxy. Everyone is free to experiment by pressing the assigned buttons. Then wait a second and see what will happen.

High Voltage, High Frequency Electrical Firework of Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil

At the center of Atrium is the Tesla Coil. We missed the 12 pm show. This is a fantastic display of electrical firework created by high voltage, high frequency current.

Around the wall of Atrium are doors leading into the halls housing the different rooms where multitude, stirring features are awaiting. I was kind of baffled which of them to see first.

My eyes then darted around.

To Hall A: Mendel Auditorium, Waterworks, Science of Toys, Scientist For A Day, Uniquely You.

To Hall B: Viruses, Genomes, Bioethics, Climate Change, Earth – Our Untamed Planet

To Hall C: Sound

To Hall F: Mind’s Eye, Mathematics Everyday

To Hall G: Invent!, Robotics (second level)

To Hall 1,2,3: Maxwell Auditorium, Marine Alcove, Fire

Their mere names can easily capture your attention upon entering the Atrium!

Marine Alcove emphasizes the importance of coral reef to marine ecosystem, showing the real-life replicas in the aquariums. Vivid school of fish, inhabitants with features alien to us, striking coral structures. In this small room, you’ll also learn about the life deep in the ocean floor.

Coral Reef of Marine Alcove

Bioethics underscores the meaning of Human Cloning, Embryonic Stem Cell, In Vitro Fertilization, Organ Transplantation, etc. and Social Responsibility on these medical explorations. We watched a short act about a kidney patient who was fighting for his life and in dire need of kidneys. Set-up in a hospital room with faces of the characters on individual tv screens, the patient was discussing with his family and dear friends concerning his advanced condition.

In the Climate Change, there is a chamber wherein you can feel the Greenhouse Effect. Gaseous layers of the atmosphere are also demonstrated digitally on screen. The consequences of climate change, models of energy generators and sources (shell wind energy, wave, solar, hydrogen, photovoltaic cells, and others) as well as the ongoing projects in Singapore and some countries are shown with infographics in the huge room.

We need to know more about the Mother Nature. Here in Singapore Science Center, Earth, our lovely planet, imparts its composition, natural events and catastrophes. We tried to feel the rage of typhoon wind inside the Typhoon Chamber.

Learn About Mayon Volcano and Its Magma

Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano noted with its perfect cone found in Legaspi City, Albay Province, Philippines is featured here. Inside of the volcano is a captivating video about what makes it erupt, centering on the magma, its formation, and its mega blast.

Tsunami in Indonesia

Remember the tsunami that took thousands of lives in Indonesia? You’ll learn about it and more inside the Earth section. A globe suspended in the room created an astonishing scene of the disaster, its effects and the accounts of the real victims.

Experience the heart-pounding tremor and shake of an earthquake inside a room of building with no less than the actual simulation of this natural disaster. It seemed people of all ages wanted to know what it is like being jolted by the earthquake. After us, a family with two little boys took their turn. Press the buttons of Building on hard bedrock, Building on soft sediment, and Top of tall building on soft sediment and determine which has the strongest magnitude.

Learn the Science behind Sound. A number of devices that demonstrate the creation of sound can be found here: Echo Tube, Making Waves, Ripple Tank, Sound Scapes, One Man Jam, Never Ending Piano, Sound Beam, Oscylinderscope, Doppler Effect, Hot Air Organ.

Oscylinderscope Sound at Singapore Science Center

An integral part of Science, Mathematics is the venue for those who like numbers. Formulas, equations, number games, principles, angles, experiments, and other mathematical languages are just some of the draws. Sit inside the Theater of Solids and watch the animated video of this state of matter.

Students Observing the Fire Tornado

Fire! Fire! Live fire! Don’t panic. Everything is under control here in Singapore Science Center. This exhibit of fire, happening at 3 pm, attracted many spectators mostly students. If I’m right, fire is the greatest discovery. So here you have the chance not only to learn about fire but also to witness the breathtaking Fire Tornado!

The Cool Fire Chamber of Fire Tornado

As the Fire Tornado heated up, the air around the glass chamber became unbearably hot. However, the emcee even told us to touch it. Surprisingly, the glass was totally cool. Mystery? Ask Science. It can answer what properties the glass is composed of.

At Singapore Science Center, there is a large ground for lush vegetation and tropical trees. After touring the techie presentations of science in the halls, step out to the land of Ecogarden and see, for example, a wide variety of succulent and culinary plants we normally use for our everyday cooking. This is an outdoor ecology garden to enjoy.

Verdant Plants and Trees at Ecogarden

Something is missing if we’re talking about technology without Robotics. On second floor, many models of these machines, like Wall-E, are exhibited. You’ll also learn the known history of their inventions from the distant past to present. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, for sure, you’ll love Robotics.

A Rocker Model of Robotics

Press a button and it will rock ‘n roll. Cheers!

Invent! That is what scientists do. You’ll see their works here on the second level. Open your mind. Discover. Get a hands-on experience by testing the gizmos and other contraptions, then see the techno effects. Smile or twist your face on the Imaging Specialists and Photographic Studio and your image will be an instant celebrity on several wall screens.

See the eccentric creations at Quirky. As the name spells out, it shows the practical yet odd things people can make out of really great ideas.

If you have more time, never miss to explore the rest of the exhibitions like Uniquely You, i-Space, Waterworks. Roam outside Singapore Science Center and discover the science of motion at Kinetic Garden.

Another great experience is watching a movie in a cinema with a dome screen at Omnitheater. While waiting for the start of the film, I began to realize how steep my seat was. The movie was about searching for a mythical Panda living in the heart of rainforest in China. When there was some action, I became uneasy as the screen covers the wall up to the ceiling.

Have you ever seen snow here in Singapore? If not, then feel the winter in this tropical island and have fun at Snow City. It is just next to Singapore Science Center. In the Snow Chamber, be amused by the figures crafted out from the ice blocks, then glide away on the wide ice slide. This is an experience that can definitely complete your tour.

The impact of Science is immense. Our way of life becomes easier thanks to the devices created by the genius minds converting simple or crazy ideas into greater things. The world we live in keeps on changing, and this is taking place super fast, with the new inventions still coming our way.

Through all these changes, our future in Science is infinite. An affordable travel in spacecraft maybe. Who knows? With this, I can only think of one scientist who said that imagination is greater than knowledge.

For updates, details and guide map, you can see their website Singapore Science Center.

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